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About @TheHunter

Hunter Powers, a Full Stack Web Developer, began programming at age 6 and has been gathering steam ever since. From childhood awards (including “Most Outstanding Presentation in the Field of Engineering” from NC State University and “Superior Achievement in Computer Science” from the North Carolina Student Academy of Science) to more recent achievements at TechCrunch Disrupt 2012, he has never lost his passion for the science, languages and dynamics of computers.

Powers early accomplishments in the field led him to open, his first business, at age 13. The company has prospered through the years developing local and national websites, producing national television advertisements and directing the art and design for an international card and print company. With a range of products from websites to book covers to advertising to logos and national festivals, his customer base includes ecommerce companies, charities and clubs, renowned foodies and even the weatherman.

In 2011, Powers joined a big data streaming company. His work there has been represented by projects for AOL’s TechCrunch, Engadget, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Fox’s X-Factor, Fox Sports Australia, New York Presbyterian Hospital and The NFL, to name a few.

A graduate of The University of Virginia, Powers interests extend beyond technology into filmmaking, photography, and writing. He was first published while in high school in 4 Guys From Rolla and has written many short, as well as a feature length science fiction, screenplays. Powers also Directs with credits for multiple commercial, web videos and short films.

Currently residing in the Logan Circle arts district in Washington, DC, Powers is working on his next book. You can find his blog at